Tuesday, 7 August 2012

So, yesterday I made macarons. And failed. The first tray looked perfect! I glanced in about 5 minutes into cooking and they all had delicate little feet forming. I was so excited. I turned them around half way through cooking and took them out, looking gorgeous. I cooled them and tried to peel them from the paper. Alas! They were still wet inside. I whacked them back in and hoped for the best. The next tray was even worse. Almost all had cracked shells and they were all hollow. In fact, the were all hollow :( I was heart broken.
I have a few things I'll do differently next time but until then, there's a load of macarons waiting to be eaten!

I used this recipe by Mardi at Eat. Live. Travel. Write.
And these are her pics of what they should look like. I'll put some of my pictures up when looking at them doesn't make me want to cry.

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